16. tra 2018.  Düsseldorf / Germany

Expanding our portfolio of smart home applications

Henkel launches the world’s first IoT anti-mosquito device in the European market

Building on its launch in the South Korean market 2017, Henkel is now introducing the world’s first Internet of Things (IoT) electrical diffusor against mosquitoes to selected European countries. It is called “HomeControl” and will be launched under the brands Vape (Italy), Bloom (Spain) and Catch (France).

There is barely an industry left today that isn’t affected by digitalization, and the Internet of Things doesn’t stop at the door of everyday household products. Its smart applications range from programmable-motion cradles, through voice-controlled entertainment electronics and all the way to refrigerators with an ordering function. To play its part in shaping this omnipresent digital transformation, Henkel is continually expanding its own “smart home” product portfolio.

How does the IoT electrical diffusor against mosquitoes work?

“HomeControl is a break-through technology product for the category, because consumers can steer it at any time and from anywhere using an app on their smartphones,” says Udo Wendler, Global Marketing Director for the Insect Control Category in the Laundry & Home Care business unit. The company’s efficient anti-mosquito product works as follows: First, the electrical anti-mosquito diffuser needs to be plugged into the power socket. The “HomeControl” App – which was developed together with a German startup – enables users to protect their home against mosquitoes wherever they are with the help of different features, like individual day schedules or fully automatically using the integrated mosquito forecast which steers the device based on a regional mosquito forecast. These smart features automatically adapt to the consumers’ environment and protect the entire family and home optimally against mosquitoes. Of course, the device can also be used without the app.

Henkel sees a lot of potential for the market launches in Spain, Italy and France: “Insect control is very widespread in many parts of Europe – particularly in Western Europe,” says Packaging Innovation Manager Robert Ruiz Hernández, responsible for the R&D development of “HomeControl” in Henkel’s Laundry & Home Care business unit. He and his colleagues work together with scientists and business partners to identify trends in the field of the Internet of Things and develop the first, market-ready applications.

By using the “HomeControl” App, users can protect their home against mosquitoes wherever they are.

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